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Washington Redskins Training Camp Schedule: First Padded Practice Is Friday

UPDATE: The Redskins have clarified and said Friday, not Saturday, is the first official practice, but it is closed to the public.


The full Washington Redskins 2011 training camp schedule has been released to the public, and now, we know what it will mean for the players. Training camp will officially begin on Thursday, but the first open practice won't be until Saturday morning. As it turns out, that also will be the first practice with pads all week.

Mike Jones of the Washington Post reports that the first three days of training camp will not feature full practices. Here is the schedule:

#Redskins timeline: Wednesday is report day, Thursday is physicals; Friday is conditioning work and first official practice is Saturday.

This is hardly a surprise, but now it is official. Players began using the facilities as early as Tuesday, though not everyone was present. Wednesday is the day that everyone needs to report, so it will be interesting to see whether Donovan McNabb and Albert Haynesworth show up.

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