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NFL Free Agency Rumors: Redskins To Release Punter Josh Bidwell, According To Report

It's not the biggest NFL free agency rumor, but it is an important one for the Redskins' special teams, which has struggled in recent years. According to ESPN's Adam Schefter, the Redskins will release punter Josh Bidwell on Thursday.

Redskins instructed their former Pro-Bowl punter Josh Bidwell not to report to training camp and that he will be released Thursday.

Bidwell was signed by the team last winter, but suffered an injury and was only active for six games last year. His departure is not a huge surprise, but it does mean the Redskins will need to find yet another player to man the position. The team let go of Hunter Smith, then brought him back last year before letting him go again.

The Redskins have now had eight different punters since Matt Turk departed in 1999. Chances are, that number will grow to nine.

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