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NFL Free Agents 2011: Should Redskins Give Vince Young A Chance?

While the Washington Redskins may have taken a big step towards solidifying their questionable passing game by re-signing Santana Moss to a three year contract, they still need someone to throw him the ball. Although Mike Shanahan seems intent to start the preseason with just John Beck and Rex Grossman at the quarterback position, most fans would still prefer some more competition. The quarterback free agent pool may seem pretty thin, but there is one quarterback with both youth and experience that has been his team's leader in the past. His name is Vince Young.

Pros: Young was the third overall draft pick by the Tennessee Titans in 2006 and was named the NFL Offensive Rookie Of The Year award. He's just one year removed from a trip to the Pro Bowl after going 8-2 as a starter in 2009. Last year may have been a disappointment for Young, but at age 28, Young may be the only available free agent with the potential of being a franchise quarterback.

Cons: Young has been benched multiple times for good reason. He doesn't get along with his coaches, and would have a long way to go to prove he's mature enough to be a starter once again.

Verdict: Young would be a low risk option for the Redskins, as he's unlikely to command a starter's salary. If he doesn't show enough ability to lead the team in Shanahan's system, then he can be cut, and they'd be no worse off than before. But do the Redskins really want more drama in training camp? Probably not.

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