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NFL Free Agency: Barry Cofield Signs With Redskins Seven Months After Trashing Fans

Professional sports are a funny place, where the only color that really matters is green. Money talks and loyalty can go by the wayside pretty quickly. It's not that this is a burning revelation, nor is it really a bad thing. It's just how it is. For the latest example, consider Barry Cofield, the defensive tackle that has reportedly signed a six-year contract with the Washington Redskins on the first night of NFL free agency.

It was less than seven months ago that Cofield had this to say about Washington Redskins fans.

"You know, their fans were all cheering and what not," he said after the game. "That shows you the state of their team, that they were cheering about us failing. That's when you have no success, those are the kind of things that excite you."

Now, those will be the fans cheering him on. Awk-ward! Luckily for Cofield, I think Redskins fans will forget all this as long as he performs.

For a more positive noteworthy quote from Cofield, John Keim of the Washington Examiner dug up this gem.

"On the field, I'm more of a calculated assassin than I am a warrior storming into battle. A guy who's prepared, meticulous and knows what he's gonna do so that when he gets on the field, it's not chaos, it's business."

Good to see he went easy on the war references. Most football players don't.