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Washington Redskins Sign Barry Cofield, But How Will He Be Used?

Former Washington Redskins linebacker and current Washington Post blogger LaVar Arrington had some interesting insights about one of the Redskins' newest NFL free agency, defensive tackle Barry Cofield. Arrington played with Cofield on the New York Giants in 2006, when Cofield was a rookie. He had this to say about the tackle's intangibles: 

"He's quiet and unassuming, a character guy whom I like for this team. He also was part of the Giants' Super Bowl team in 2007-08, so he comes here with winning experience."    

One of Arrington's concerns about Cofield is his ability to play nose tackle in the Redskins' 3-4 defensive scheme. At 6'4'' and 306 pounds, Cofield could eat the average human being for a snack, but he's a little small to be taking on NFL interior offensive linemen all by himself. 

Arrington thinks his acquisition indicates that defensive coordinator Jim Haslett intends to throw a variety of quick, athletic nose tackles at opposing offenses instead of employing one behemoth to take them on every snap. Here's what he had to say about that:

"This would mean lining these undersize nose guards up on angles and in gaps so that they can use their strengths - speed and quickness - to possibly have the same results as a space eater."

if only the Redskins had a gigantic, extremely talented defensive lineman to play nose tackle alongside Cofield on their roster. Oh, right. They have Albert Haynesworth. Shucks.

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