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Redskins Training Camp News: Trent Williams Addresses Media At Redskins Park

ASHBURN, Va. Trent Williams addressed the media today at Redskins Park for the first time this offseason regarding a number of issues. Here's the transcript:

On his offseason: "I feel like I had a really productive offseason. I got some real godo work in, with a few guys around the league. I feel like I'm in a lot better shape"

On why he didn't come to player-organized workouts: "It was a personal issue, miscommunication.It wasn't too big a deal."

On where he worked out: "I was mainly in Houston. I worked out a little bit in LA."

On the miscommunication: "I wasn't informed. They had the wrong email address for me.I was notified late, I was half way around  the world so it's tough to just get on a plane. I don't have a private jet. "

On the email miscommunication: "They worked off email [lists] and they had everybody's email, and they had the wrong one for me."

On if they have his email now: "I don't even have email"

On if he felt like he missed anything by not going to practices: "I don't feel like I missed anything. The non-padded workouts are mostly for skill guys, in 7 on 7's they can get the most work. For lineman, if you're not really getting any contact, then it's really not that big of a deal."

On his 2010: "I watched my [2010 season] 10 or 15 times since I left Redskins Park. I was up and down, wasn't consistent and I could [have] a lot better technique. I did okay versus some of the top rushers but it wasn't up to my standard and what I hold myself to."

On his expectations for 2011: "I'm striving to be better than last year. I made a lot of rookie mistakes, can't blame it on being a rookie no more. If I'm not playing Pro Bowl-like football it will be a let down for me and my team"