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Albert Haynesworth To Report To Washington Redskins Training Camp, Agent Confirms

The Albert Haynesworth saga is not over. The disgruntled Washington Redskins defensive tackle, who is likely to be traded or released, will nevertheless be in attendance at the first day of Washington Redskins training camp, according to ESPN's Andrew Brandt.

While Donovan McNabb will not be reporting to the Redskins tomorrow, Albert Haynesworth will be. Agent confirms.

Haynesworth is still under contract, and normally, an NFL player under contract reporting to his respective training camp is not news. But given Haynesworth's problems with the Redskins, as well as his well-chronicled boycott of offseason activities in 2010, it was an open question. Haynesworth added fuel to the fire earlier Monday when he declined comment on whether he was showing up when asked by 106.7 The Fan's Grant Paulsen.

Will Haynesworth be asked to pass a conditioning test again? Will the Redskins send him home? Will he actually play for the team this season? We will likely find out tomorrow.

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