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Albert Haynesworth Traded To Patriots, Returns To D.C. December 11

Albert Haynesworth's trade to the New England Patriots will close the book on one of the most painful experiences Washington Redskins fans have had to deal with in many years. Of course, that doesn't mean Redskins fans won't want to take the chance to boo their former disgruntled defensive tackle.


For those who do want to do that: here's your chance. According to the NFL schedule-makers, the Patriots will be traveling to FedEx Field to play the Redskins on December 11. That's a Week 14 matchup that is currently scheduled for 1 p.m. It will be interesting to see if the NFL decides to move it to primetime now that Haynesworth is on the Patriots.


It's worth noting that Haynesworth will be back in D.C. later this month for his trial for sexual abuse charges. But the first time he will visit as an enemy is on December 11. I'm counting on Redskins fans to have some funny signs.