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NFL Free Agency: Wide Receiver Glut Means Brandon Stokley Won't Sign With Redskins After All

The Redskins had a very busy day in free agency yesterday, including signing or trading for a number of wide receivers. But that number has dropped by one, apparently, as Brandon Stokley won't sign with the Redskins after all. A tweet from his agent:

Spoke to soon. Brandon Stokley won't sign with Redskins. Too many WR's signed.less than a minute ago via Twitter for iPad Favorite Retweet Reply

Well, that kind of makes sense for both sides. After signing Santana Moss and Donte Stallworth and trading for Jabar Gaffney, the Redskins probably don't need another diminutive wide receiver. And at this point in his career, Stokley probably does not need to join a situation with so much competition at his position. Now the Redskins can allocate those funds to help shore up a position that isn't quite so, well, crowded.