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Albert Haynesworth Trade: Haynesworth Made $36 Million In Two Years With Washington

Now-departed defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth, known for the exorbitant $100 million contract he signed with the Washington Redskins, is now a relatively cheap, risk-free acquisition for his new team, the New England Patriots. Andrew Brandt of the National Football Post penned a fascinating article on the ramifications of Haynesworth's contract and departure, and it shows just how staggering of a debacle it was for the Redskins franchise.

Apparently, after last season's $21 million roster bonus, the Redskins have now paid Haynesworth close to $36 million for two years of injury, malcontent locker room behavior and lackluster on-field performance. The Patriots, on the other hand, owe Haynesworth a comparatively reasonable $5.4 million this year and $6.7 million next year, although neither years are guaranteed. In short, they get a decent-priced, talented veteran in a contract-year situation with no risk for the future.

There is, on some level, silver lining in that the 'Skins apparently prepared for this inevitable outcome with how they structured Haynesworth's deal. Here's how Brandt breaks it down:

"Haynesworth's $21 million bonus last April that was restructured in the manner described above to have the entire amount count in 2010 with no accounting in future years. Thus, for Cap accounting, there is no remaining Cap hit on that money in future years and it allows the Redskins to trade Haynesworth without Cap consequences."

So... we got that going for us.

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