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NFL Free Agency Rumors: Were Redskins Willing To Overpay Santonio Holmes?

The Washington Redskins have been avoiding making home run signings early in this NFL free agency period, but was that as much of a conscious decision as it seems? Maybe, maybe not. One feature in the "maybe not" cap was something NFL Network's Michael Lombardi revealed on Bill Simmons' "The BS Report" podcast. According to Lombardi, the Redskins pursuit Santonio Holmes heavily, but lost out on him.

"The Redskins wanted to sign him. The Redskins' number one priority this offseason was to sign Santonio Holmes, and Dan Snyder doesn't usually get beat when he has that as a priority," Lombardi said. "Santonio Holmes wanted to stay in New York, and the Jets wanted him there and made sure they got him, but I think he could have gotten a little bit more from Washington."

If the Redskins were indeed willing to give Holmes more money than the Jets were, then perhaps their conservative approach isn't so conservative.

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