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Washington Redskins Training Camp: Kyle Shanahan Addresses Redskins Quarterback Situation

ASHBURN, Va. - Talking for the first time this offseason, Redskins offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan addressed the media at Redskins Park regarding a wide range of issues.

The most talked about issue? The quarterback situation, of course.

Shanahan seemed certain that last year's backup turned starter Rex Grossman would definitely be back in the fold in 2011. Grossman appears to be the only competition standing in the way of contender John Beck.

"Yeah, I do expect him [to return]", Shanahan said. "I know they have to go through contract stuff, and we're trying to get him. I want to get him in here, and these guys to compete, and play the best one."

And like the majority of quaterback competitions, it will take some time to sort itself out, Shanahan says.

"The competition is going to take a while, " Shanahan urged ."Especially since we haven't been able to evaluate them throughout OTAs. Even if we do sign Rex [today], he still can't practice till a week from now."

Until next week comes, Beck will be getting the vast majority of the first teams reps prior to Grossman's expected arrival in camp.

Once Grossman comes in the quarterback competition, which is expected to be the top storyline this training camp, will begin in earnest.

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