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Shocker: Albert Haynesworth Failed A Conditioning Test At Patriots Camp

UPDATE: It's confirmed - looks like Haynesworth did indeed fail the test.

It's taken only three days for Albert Haynesworth to (maybe) fail a conditioning test at New England Patriots training camp. I know, I know. You're probably shocked. Don't open your mouth too much.

Anyway, speaking to reporters, New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick said that Albert Haynesworth is "not quite ready to practice yet." Here are the quotes from the Boston Herald.

"He's not quite ready to practice yet," Belichick said.


"There are things that we still need to do with Albert for him to be able to get on the practice field," Belichick said, not elaborating.

Belichick said it's not an injury issue, and he did say it wasn't because he failed a physical, which would have revoked the trade. So what could it be? The best guess we can come up with is that he's not in good enough shape to practice.

If so, sorry Patriots. No givebacks. He's yours now.