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Washington Redskins Training Camp: Ryan Kerrigan Sits Out Again And More From Practice

ASHBURN,Va - This morning's practice wrapped up a few hours ago, and we're awaiting coming back out into the summer heat for the afternoon walkthrough. But before we do, here's a few notes about this morning's practice, which was open to the public:

Ryan Kerrigan sat out practice: The Redskins top draft pick sat out practice for the second straight day, after getting a bone bruise on his right leg during yesterday's morning practice. Mike Shanahan didn't seem concerned about how much Kerrigan could miss while being out.

"You'd like him to be out there and [get] in football shape," he said, "and hopefully it won't be long before he can be back and practice. But [he's] got a bone bruise. When you got a bone bruise, you've got to wait until it heals. Is it going to be one or two days, or five days? I don't know."

Mike Sellers lined up exclusively at tight end: One of the developments we noticed yesterday is that Sellers was lining up at tight end on most downs, and we weren't sure if this was a temporary thing. But it appears that Sellers is trying his luck at tight end so he can better his chances of making the final roster. 

"He does a great job at special teams," Shanahan said after practice. "[And] he did a very good job last year at the fullback position. [We'd like] to give guys like [Darrel Young] some repetition, also Keiland Williams who can play both the fullback position and the tailback position, we're going to get him some reps there. Mike gets a chance to master a position he hasn't run in practice many times throughout his career."

The young linebacker corps at work: Even with Kerrigan out, it's pretty clear the Redskins want to see what they have in the younger linebackers on the squad. Last year's fourth round draft pick Perry Riley as well as Robert Henson were getting heavy reps at inside 'backer, setting the stage for what could be a fierce competition. Should Riley win the job, the Redskins will walk into Week 1 with three of their four starting linebackers age 25 or younger. Not bad for a team that wants to get younger. 

Kelly impressing so far: I might jinx it for him, but so far Malcolm Kelly has looked pretty sharp in practice. The former 2nd rounder is flashing the ability the former regime thought they were getting when they drafted him back in 2008.

What's most impressive with Kelly is his hands. He seems to make one handed catches look incredibly easy, being able to reel them in as if he has glue on his gloves. Pair that with the fact that he can use his long frame to his advantage and the Redskins might finally have the red zone threat they were looking for. The issue, as it always has been for him, is being able to stay healthy.