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VIDEO: Barry Cofield Is Bringing His Taser Dance To D.C.

When he was with the New York Giants, Barry Cofield became popular for inventing a new sack dance, which you can see in that video. Essentially, he contorts his body as if he was tased, which is original because normally a human being would prefer not to celebrate an accomplishment by doing something that mimics pain being inflicted on their body. Still, original is original, and Cofield's taser dance is definitely original.

So here's a piece of good news for Redskins fans: Cofield is bringing the dance to D.C. Via John Keim of the Washington Examiner:

"Absolutely it's gonna come with me. There's been a great demand for it. People love it. It's got its own persona almost, like its own entity. It's very special and I can't wait to share it with the fans of the Redskins."

Cofield also said he's going to let the fans decide how often he uses the dance. Here's my advice, Barry, and you can take it or leave it: don't overdo it. The dance is awesome because you use it only when it's truly merited. Doing it too often could devalue it.