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NFL Free Agency: Santana Moss Expresses Desire To Sign Contract Quickly After NFL Lockout Ends

Washington Redskins wide receiver Santana Moss went on Sporting News Radio on Sunday and told the hosts that he would like to end his free agency as quickly as possible, regardless of which team he ends up signing with. 

The 32-year-old wideout is the Redskins' leading receiver since 2005, and along with tight end Chris Cooley has been the team's only consistently productive offensive player in that span.

Moss' contract ended after the 2010 season, but the ten-year veteran will be stuck in limbo as long as the NFL lockout is still in effect. Players and teams cannot negotiate contracts until they reach a collective bargaining agreement. 

Moss has stated in the past that he would like to re-sign with the Redskins, and his most recent comments could be a signal to Redskins GM Bruce Allen and Head Coach Mike Shanahan that he wants to be back with Redskins without 12 rounds of negotiations.