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NFL Free Agency: Washington Redskins Won't Release Albert Haynesworth, According To Report

The Washington Redskins will need to figure out what to do with Albert Haynesworth once the NFL lockout ends and NFL free agency begins. He surely won't be on the team next season, and the only question is how he departs. Many think the Redskins should outright release him, but according to a report by Tim McManus in Philadelphia Sports Daily, the Redskins have no intention of doing that.

"They are not going to cut him," said one source with knowledge of the situation. "If the Eagles or anyone else wants him it is going to have to be by trade. Because if they cut him, that's giving him his way."

The issue, according to McManus, is the Redskins don't want to provide Haynesworth with the ability to choose his new destination, and they certainly don't want to see him going to the Eagles. SB Nation's Redskins blog Hogs Haven agrees with the team's reported philosophy for the following reasons.

  1. Releasing Haynesworth means he would likely get an incentive-based contract, which means he'd basically be playing in contract-year mode.
  2. Haynesworth of course played with Washburn in Tennessee and have a solid relationship.
  3. Haynesworth vs [Casey] Rabach two times a year will be a disaster.
  4. Haynesworth has a cheap contract the next 2 seasons. That alone has trade value.