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Albert Haynesworth Sexual Abuse Trial Delayed One Month

Albert Haynesworth's trial for a sexual abuse charge stemming from an incident last winter has been postponed one month, according to the Washington Post. Haynesworth's trial was originally scheduled to begin on July 11, but a D.C. Superior Court judged pushed it back to allow the defense to work out scheduling with its witnesses.

In a letter to the court Thursday, Haynesworth's attorney, A. Scott Bolden, requested the delay until August 2 to "accommodate the schedules of certain witnesses" in the case.

Haynesworth, the much-maligned Washington Redskins' defensive tackle, is charged with misdemeanor sexual abuse stemming from an alleged incident in which he fondled a cocktail waitresses' breasts at the W Hotel in February. He was indicted by a grand jury in April. Haynesworth had also been charged with simple assault stemming from a road rage incident in Farifax County, and prosecutors offered to drop the sexual abuse charge if Haynesworth pleaded guilty to that charged. But Haynesworth refused, and so the case now goes to trial. Haynesworth ultimately settled with the victim in that case in May.