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VIDEO: Introducing Jarvis Jenkins' 'Crank That Bernie' Dance

Washington Redskins fans looking for personality along their team's defensive line can already point to free-agent signing Barry Cofield and his signature "Taser" dance. But as it turns out, Cofield isn't the only new Redskins' defensive lineman with a signature dance. Second-round pick Jarvis Jenkins has one, and I have to say, it's better than Cofield's.

Jenkins' dance? It's called "Crank That Bernie," and it's a play on the famous movie "Weekend at Bernie's." The film's plot centers around a couple of losers pretending that their dead boss is really alive. Jenkins' adaptation of this is a dance where he cocks his head back and contorts his body like Bernie would have. It's apparently a well-known dance that we hope Jenkins will bring to the football field next season.

Below the jump is a GIF of Jenkins performing the move. When you combine Cofield's taser dance with Jenkins' moves, it's safe to say few teams have as many sack dances as the Redskins will next season.

Click to play.