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Rex Grossman Claims He Doesn't Remember Making Bold NFC East Prediction

Rex Grossman had a fantastic first preseason game for the Washington Redskins in their 16-7 preseason win over the Pittsburgh Steelers, and he chose to remember it by playing dumb, so to speak. You may remember how Grossman made headlines for telling CSN's Kelli Johnson that the Redskins will win the NFC East next year. So what was Grossman's response when Johnson asked about his comments after Friday's win?

"I don't even remember saying it to you, i just have a lot of confidence in this team, from top to bottom," he told Johnson on CSN's "Redskins Postgame Live."

I get it: athletes think in mysterious ways, and nobody denies that they have to be confident to be successful. But did Rex really forget about the line that made many in the division laugh? He couldn't have.

"I really didn't mean to make some kind of bold statement," Grossman said later. "i just really believe in this team."

That's believable. Him forgetting about the statement? I mean, it's a funny thought, but somehow, I don't believe it.