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Brian Orakpo On Redskins' Expectations: 'We Don't Have To Be Second To Nobody'

ASHBURN, Va. - A few weeks ago, much was made of Rex Grossman's comments about the Redskins' chances of winning the NFC East. In case you forgot, he said he expected the team to win the NFC East, which caused a bit of a firestorm (one that was overblown, if you ask me).

This morning I had the chance to talk to outside linebacker Brian Orakpo, where he stated that he and the rest of his teammates are very much lockstep with Grossman's beliefs. 

"Ain't nothing wrong with being confident," the two-time Pro Bowler told me. "You always got to be confident in your abilities. We always have a goal before the season, and that's to reach the Super Bowl and win your division. We don't have to be second to nobody. So whatever [Grossman] said, we all believe [that]. That's how you start a season off and [those are] your ultimate goals."

So I think it's safe to say you can add Orakpo to the list of Redskins who are feeling good about the team's chances heading into the 2011 season.

AUDIO: Brian Orakpo on the Redskins' expectations