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Albert Haynesworth Pleads No Contest To Sexual Abuse Charge, Cheers On Patriots

UPDATE: Now with video!

In case you forgot about Albert Haynesworth, he has returned to Washington D.C. to show up for a court case involving sexual abuse allegations from last February. Haynesworth allegedly fondled a cocktail waitresses' breast at the W Hotel back then and was prepared to push the case to trial. In the end, though, he pleaded no contest to a simple assault charge and will serve 160 hours of community service, according to ABC7.

In the end, his visit was met with little fanfare. In fact, the most interesting nugget for Redskins fans came here, via NBC Washington:

Albert Haynesworth is in court the day before the scheduled start of a misdemeanor sexual abuse trial, News4's Pat Collins reported.

Haynesworth said, "Go Patriots," as he entered D.C. Superior Court Monday afternoon, Collins reported.

In case it wasn't clear this guy wanted to get out of Washington, D.C., it is now. Go Redskins!