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John Harbaugh Still Wants D.C. To Be Ravens Country

Baltimore Ravens coach John Harbaugh just won't give up this fight to convert Redskins fans in the Washington D.C. area. Harbaugh did an interview with Peter Schmuck of the Baltimore Sun, where he reiterated his desire for the team to become the most recognizable one in the mid-Atlantic.

"We're reaching out and trying to get more,'' Harbaugh said. "We're trying to take control of this whole area. We'll take over Washington D.C. while we're at it. And head up into Pennsylvania and grab all those fans, and over to West Virginia and Virginia. Come on and be a Baltimore Raven fan because this is an exciting organization and exciting football team."

It's a goal worth pursuing I guess, but even Harbaugh admits it's pretty hard to convert Redskins fans. There's a legacy thing at play, with the Redskins having been around much longer than the Ravens. Mostly, this is all a bunch of hot air.

Then again, if the Redskins continue to flounder during the Dan Snyder era, who knows? We may see some fans converting, followed by more diehard Redskins fans getting on them for defecting and not sticking by their team. It's all a part of the natural tug of war when two professional teams are within 50 miles of each other.