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Redskins Vs. Ravens Score: DeAngelo Hall Intercepts Joe Flacco, Returns For Touchdown

The Washington Redskins' defense is all about forcing turnovers, and early on, they did just that in their NFL preseason game against the Baltimore Ravens. Cornerback DeAngelo Hall picked up right where he left off last season, jumping a route and intercepting Joe Flacco at midfield. Hall returned the pass all the way to the Redskins' end zone for the touchdown, giving Washington a 7-0 lead.

Hall had been beat on a button hook route when guarding Lee Evans earlier in the drive, so this time, he sat on the route and read Flacco all the way. Hall looked to have a wide open route to the end zone, but instead cut it back inside and maneuvered around a couple Ravens players before breaking it back outside to get to the end zone.

The Ravens will take the ball back looking to rebound from that turnover.

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