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Super Bowl 2012 Odds Not Kind To Washington Redskins

The latest 2012 Super Bowl XLVI odds are out on Bodog, and they are not kind to the Washington Redskins. The Redskins are listed as having just 100-1 odds to win the Super Bowl, which is tied for third-lowest in all of football with the Cincinnati Bengals. The only teams with worse odds are the Carolina Panthers and Buffalo Bills, at 150-1.

This essentially means that Bodog believes the Redskins have a one in 100 shot at winning the Super Bowl. If each NFL team was given equal odds, then each would have about a three-percent chance at winning. So really, the Redskins aren't that below average if you think about it. Right?

As for division rivals, the 2000 Redskins Philadelphia Eagles are at 8-1, the Dallas Cowboys, despite going 6-10, are at 16-1, and the New York Giants are at 25-1. The Redskins' odds of winning the NFC are slightly better at 50-1, but not by much.

Whatever. Just another group of haters for John Beck to shut up. The Super Bowl Beckons, y'all.