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One Prominent NFL Voice Gives An Optimistic Redskins Projection

Are you tired of reading about NFL analysts killing the Washington Redskins? Here's a dose of optimism from Michael Lombardi of NFL Network. Lombardi, a former NFL front-office man for the Oakland Raiders and Cleveland Browns, appeared on Bill SImmons' podcast and sung the Redskins' praises.

Lombardi was first asked about the Philadelphia Eagles, and he explained all the reasons why he's a little worried about them (a new offensive line, a bunch of poor fits on defense, Michael Vick's health). Simmons then asked him if this means the Dallas Cowboys are the team to beat in the division. Lombardi then threw him a curveball and mentioned the Redskins.

"Truth be told ... the Redskins, to me, this summer, have shown me more than any team in the NFC East," Lombardi said. 

Lombardi noted the quarterback concern, but then mentioned how much better the Redskins look running the football.

"I think [Mike] Shanahan was embarrassed last year, I think you could see it in his demeanor this summer. His team looks much more organized. They look effective running the football. They're not trying to run Clinton Portis and have this old offensive line, which has played much better this year. I like Washington."

Lombardi went on to say that he thought the Cowboys should have signed Nnamdi Asomougha, which ended all the talk about the Redskins. This prevented us from hearing a follow-up on whether Lombardi was saying the Redskins would win the division. Maybe he is, maybe he isn't. Either way, there's some optimism for you.