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LaRon Landry Knew His Achilles Injury Wouldn't Heal By Redskins Training Camp

I have to admit: I'm a little worried about what I'm reading when it comes to LaRon Landry. The Redskins' safety has been on the Physically Unable to Perform list throughout Redskins training camp, dating back to an achilles injury he suffered eight months ago. That's a long time.

Apparently, Landry knew it'd be a long time too, because here's what he said to reporters after Friday's practice. Via John Keim of the Washington Examiner:

"I knew I wouldn't be able to go full-go," said Landry, who missed the last seven games of 2010 because of the Achilles. "I'm not going out on the field unless I'm 110 percent and I can do all the things I know I can do. It makes no sense to go out there and come back to the side and take a couple days off. When I go out there I want to stay out there.

"Nature would have taken its course. It still needed time to heal. About a month ago it started turning its corner and now I can do strengthening and drills to build it up. But I have to let it calm down first. It feels fine, but the strength is not there."

Landry didn't have surgery to fix the achilles. Instead, he opted for all sorts of different kinds of odd treatment methods to try to fix it. Now, though, he says that if it doesn't improve, he'll need surgery at the end of this year. He claims he'll be ready by the regular-season opener, but he also hasn't practiced and has shown no indication he will practice soon.

It may be nothing, but I for one have my eyebrows raised at a lot of this. Something tells me this might be a lingering problem.