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Redskins Vs. Buccaneers: Sloppy Second Quarter Is Highlighted By Brandon Banks' Punt Return, Redskins Lead 17-3 At Half

The Redskins and Buccaneers head into the locker room with the home team up () at halftime. 

To put it simply, this has been a sloppy game by both teams, expected. After all, it is the fourth game of the preseason, one where coaches rest the starters and evaluate most of the second and third string players.

The second quarter, while sloppy, did manage to clear up one roster issue once and for all - that Brandon Banks is making the 53 man roster. The Redskins' smallest player made the biggest statement when he took a punt 95 yards for a score. which all but locked up his place on the team.

Beck finished with the half with a less than stellar performance, going 10 for 21 and 108 yards passing, including an endzone interception late in the half. 

It wasn't the greatest of performances, and one that will probably lead to many believing that the team will go with Rex Grossman against the Giants in Week 1.

The second half should see the players who are even further buried on the depth chart duke it out for the team's final roster spots.