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VIDEO: Did Trent Williams Reveal John Beck Is Redskins' Starting QB?

It may have been nothing, but it also may have been something. Trent Williams, the Washington Redskins' starting offensive lineman, may have just revealed that John Beck is the team's starting quarterback. Or maybe he didn't.

Here's the context. Williams was sitting on the bench at the end of the third quarter of the Redskins' preseason game against the Buccaneers. As Comcast SportsNet came back from commercial, sideline reporter Doc Walker took the mic and brought Williams in for an interview. It looked like a softball for the most part, down to the part when Walker called Williams "Silverback."

But then, Walker asked Williams why the first-unit offensive line was in for large stretches, and Williams sort of spilled the beans.

"Well, we had our starting quarterback out there," Williams said, referring, of course, to John Beck.

Wait, you had your what? Your starting quarterback? Wonder what Rex Grossman thought of that. Williams later corrected himself to say the starter was "Rex or Beck," but was it too late?

Or, are we jumping to conclusions? You make the call.

(Video via Hogs Haven)