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Redskins Vs. Buccaneers: Redskins Finish Preseason With 29-24 Victory Over Buccaneers

The Redskins concluded the preseason with a 29-24 win against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

The game was mostly a sloppy one, as both teams opted to rest the majority of their starters, leaving the roster hopefuls on both sides to battle for the remaining roster spots.

The brightest performance of the night came from return man Brandon Banks, who all but sealed his spot on the roster when he returned a punt 95 yards for a score. There was doubt as to whether or not Banks could make the final cut due to his injury history, but he seemingly silenced all those doubts the moment he (barely) crossed the plane of the goal line. 

The other performance of note was of starting quarterback hopeful John Beck, who did not have his best night. Beck finished the night going 10 of 21 for 108 yards and a pick. He looked uncomfortable on several throws, and didn't seem in sync with his receivers, most of whom who second stringers.

The game ended with a furious "comeback" from the Bucs, as they scored on a fourth quarter touchdown to bring the score to 23-22. From there, Raheem Morris went for the win and opted to go for the two-point conversion. He succeeded, and the Bucs took a 24-23 lead.

The Redskins came right back, scoring on a 41 yard touchdown reception from Donte Stallworth, giving them a 29-24 lead that would stick for good.

The team will now prepare for their season opener against the New York Giants on September 11th.