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Washington City Paper 'Pleased' Dan Snyder Dismissed Lawsuit Against It

Dan Snyder has dismissed his lawsuit against the Washington City Paper following seven months of public statements and court filings designed to get the paper to retract an article written by Dave McKenna in November of 2010. In a statement provided Saturday, the Washington City Paper acknowledged it was "pleased" with Snyder's decision.

From the beginning, we have believed that Snyder's lawsuit was a baseless one, designed to intimidate a journalist and a publication that have been among his most persistent critics. We've also argued-in our pages, and in court-that our article never said any of the allegedly libelous things Snyder claimed it did.


We're confident that the court would have seen things our way, too, thanks to the strong laws the District of Columbia has in place to protect free speech. But we're also glad that it won't have to go that far.

The full statement can be read here. Most notably, the paper patted itself on the back for what they described as not allowing them to get bullied.

City Paper is a small news organization with limited resources, and defending ourselves against this lawsuit has cost massive amounts of time and money, well beyond the $34,308.91 that readers have contributed to our legal defense fund. Despite those costs, we are proud that we never wavered or allowed ourselves to be bullied, ultimately leading Snyder to dismiss his case.