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Dan Snyder Called Mike Shanahan After Drinking Crown Royal

Mike Wise's piece on the actual details behind Dan Snyder's pursuit of Mike Shanahan is a must-read, the kind of sports article that you see come out only a few times. It delivers stunning detail of how the Redskins owner was talking to Shanahan while Jim Zorn was still coaching, and much more.

There are many great parts worth covering, but we'll start with this.

While watching NBC’s "Sunday Night Football" game between the Arizona Cardinals and Indianapolis Colts, the four men drank glasses of Sassicaia, a bold Tuscan red that is a Snyder favorite, those who were present said. They added that Snyder eventually graduated to Crown Royal.

Finally, Snyder turned to the others. "Let’s go get Mike Shanahan," he said.

So as you probably expected, Snyder kick-started one of the biggest decisions his team could make after drinking Crown Royal. That's our Snyder! Here's how one source (who sounds a lot like Vinny Cerrato) described it.

"A lot of calls, a lot of booze that night," one participant said. "We were just like four college roommates drowning their sorrows with alcohol after our team lost. The difference was, one of our college buddies was the owner of the team. And he called an ex-coach to make him feel better."