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VIDEO: Ryan Kerrigan's Amazing Interception In Giants Vs. Redskins Game

Washington Redskins fans have every reason to be excited about the future after seeing what Ryan Kerrigan pulled off in this video. With the New York Giants facing third and 11 deep in their own territory, the Redskins' rookie came through with a breathtaking interception return for a touchdown.

The play was amazing live, but it's even more incredible on replay once you see what Kerrigan did to set up the pick.

First off, the Giants knew the Redskins were blitzing, so offensive lineman Kareem McKenzie is sliding underneath Kerrigan to force him to put his arms down and clear the passing lane. Kerrigan does for a second, but somehow is able to balance himself to put his hands back up. Then, not only does he tip the pass, but he immediately knows where it went in the air. This allows him to actually pick off the pass and run it in for a touchdown.

Keep in mind that this is Kerrigan's first regular-season professional game rushing from the two-point stance. Wow.

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