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Giants Vs. Redskins: Mike Shanahan Discusses Dropping 'Victory Monday' In Press Conference

Mike Shanahan just gave his weekly press briefing following the Washington Redskins' film session of their 28-14 win over the New York Giants, and was immediately asked about London Fletcher's decree that the Redskins pass on an off day on Monday (i.e. "Victory Monday"). Shanahan told a slightly different tale about it.

"I thought back about me doing it last year, and I thought it was too early," Shanahan said. "I had given it some thought, but I hadn't talked to the players about it. I was going to talk to them after the game, but with the type of emotions involved, I didn't think it was the right time to talk about it. London said that and made it a whole lot easier."

Shanahan said the custom started when he was with the Denver Broncos, and it came after they had a long winning streak. Nevertheless, he did say he was "impressed" with Fletcher declaring the practice would stop.

To listen to Shanahan's full press conference, visit 106.7 The Fan.