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VIDEO: Rex Grossman Says Colin Powell Gave Redskins A Locker-Room Speech

Fresh off his 305-yard performance in the Washington Redskins' season-opening 28-14 victory over the New York Giants, quarterback Rex Grossman got on the phone with SportsCenter on Monday morning. First thing's first: he revealed that former Secretary of State Colin Powell gave the Redskins a pre-game speech.

“Colin Powell was our captain, he gave us a pre-game speech,” Grossman said. “It was almost overwhelming at times."

Grossman was asked what Powell discussed with the team.

"He got us pumped up, talking about his life history, his battles that he had to face to get where he was. It was a really moving pre-game speech and got everybody fired up.”

Grossman later said he didn't see a weakness with the team and they have "as good a chance as anybody." So there's that. A chance to do what, exactly? Win the division? Win the Super Bowl? Hey, Rex certainly is confident.

(Originally spotted on D.C. Sports Bog).