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Tickets For Cardinals Vs. Redskins Game Affordable On Secondary Market

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Do you want tickets to Sunday's Cardinals vs. Redskins game? Apparently, you should have no problems finding one on the secondary market. Via the Washington City Paper, who cites Extreme Skins.

Tales of $10 purchases and premium tickets going for 33 percent of their face value or less abound, and posters point to the inventory on StubHub, the internet scalpers' clearinghouse, where tickets for Sunday's game are being offered for as little as $19. There's enough unsold seats floating around that if you've got blood to give, you can get tickets to the game for free from the Red Cross, also known as "The Official blood donation partner of the Washington Redskins!"

There are all sorts of potential reasons for this, ranging from things related to the team to things with no relation to the team. I'll let everyone's imaginations run wild and not offer an explanation one way or the other.

We'll have more on the this game throughout the week in this StoryStream. For more on the Redskins check out Hogs Haven. For more on the Cardinals, head over to Revenge Of the Birds and SB Nation Arizona.