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VIDEO: Dan Snyder Says There Are Lots Of Myths About Him

Dan Snyder's year-plus-long media tour continued the other day when he stopped by for an exclusive interview with CSN Washington reporter Kelli Johnson. Only two minutes of the interview are shown in the video below the jump, but they contain the best quotes. Like, for example, Snyder engaging in some myth-busting.

"There's a lot of myths about the old Dan Snyder. I'll leave it at that," Snyder told Johnson. "They are myths. You trust someone, whether it's Joe Gibbs, whether it's Mike Shanahan, to do their job. You let them do their job and hopefully they have success."

Snyder also called himself "patient," which is obviously a word few associate with Snyder. In addition, he said he thinks Mike Shanahan is funny.

"He's got a heck of a sense of humor," Snyder said. "He's a lot funnier than people realize, and charming. He's fun to be with from my personal perspective."

Well, now I can rest easy knowing the coach is funny. Here's the video.