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VIDEO: Brandon Banks, Fred Smoot Discuss Coaches Swag

Winning a football game makes everyone happy. Case in point: this exchange between Brandon Banks, Fred Smoot and others on the set of Comcast SportsNet's "Redskins Postgame Live" show. Banks, like many football players and athletes tend to do, used the word "swag" to describe something. That led to the following exchange at the 2:40 mark of this video below the jump.

(Hat tip to Dan Steinberg, who wrote about this here).

It started when Chick Hernandez asked Banks about the locker room having a different "swagger." Banks replied that the Redskins definitely have a different "swag" about them this year, referencing the team being in the second year of the Mike Shanahan era. That led to this:

Brian Mitchell: "Do the coaches have swag too?"

Banks: "I think a little bit. A little bit more than last year."

Smoot: "No, no. When you’re over 30, you can’t have swag. You have what we call panache. It's not swag. You have panache."

Hernandez: "Fred Smoot, now talking French."

The whole thing revealed two truths. One: it's good to win. Two: it's great to have Fred Smoot working for CSN.