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Michael Vick Injury A Concussion As Philadelphia Eagles Lose To Atlanta Falcons

The Philadelphia Eagles' 35-31 loss to the Atlanta Falcons was marred by a serious Michael Vick injury. The Eagles' quarterback suffered a concussion in the third quarter of the loss, according to head coach Andy Reid. The injury was originally deemed a neck injury, but Reid later said that Vick did suffer a concussion.

Vick was holding the ball to make a pass in the pocket when he was hit by a Falcons player. He fell hard into his offensive lineman and laid on the ground. As he staggered to get up, he spit out blood onto the ground.

Vick also pointed to the scoreboard when Falcons fans booed him, which proved to be a bad omen. At the time, the Eagles were leading, 31-21. But afterwards, Matt Ryan and the Falcons rallied, scoring the go-ahead touchdown on a run by Michael Turner. Mike Kafka replaced Vick and didn't look that bad, but his fourth-down pass inside of two minutes was dropped by Jeremy Maclin to end the game.

It remains unclear just how long Vick is sidelined, but no matter what happens, the Eagles will be weakened going forward.

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