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VIDEO: Washington Redskins Fans Burn Albert Haynesworth Jersey

Burning jerseys of former players on your team is the thing to do these days. It started when Cavaliers fans burned LeBron James jerseys after the NBA superstar elected to take his talents to South Beach last summer. It continued on Sunday night when Atlanta Falcons fans did the same to old Michael Vick jerseys prior to the Falcons vs. Eagles game.

Now, it has happened again. It's taken this long, but finally, some Washington Redskins fans are burning Albert Haynesworth uniforms. This is a video found on YouTube of a few fans lighting fire to a home Redskins' No. 92 jersey. It's not nearly as striking as the people burning Vick jerseys, but it's still legit.

Of course, the Redskins themselves probably don't mind, since those fans just threw the money they once spent on the jersey down the drain. Heck, at this point, they probably encourage it.

Video below the jump. The December 11 game at home against the New England Patriots should be very interesting.