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Redskins Vs. Buccaneers: John Beck Has Uneven Performance In Preseason Finale

In their final preseason game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, starting quarterback hopeful John Beck wasn't able to solidify his case for the job. In fact, he may have hurt his chances.

Beck, who was playing behind his starting offensive line (a group that also had a bad night), was unable to repeat his solid performances against the Colts and Ravens. Playing against Buccaneer backups, Beck struggled to find his rhythm.He looked uncomfortable making his reads and progressions, and wound up making questionable decisions to boot.

An example was when he repeatedly chose to go towards tight end/fullback Mike Sellers' way on several passes, most of which on ill advised throws. Beck threw across his body to the middle of the field - a big no-no for quarterbacks - attempting to hit Sellers multiple times. At the end of the first half, Beck threw a jump ball to Niles Paul in the end zone, but had the pass intercepted.

Beck's competitor, Rex Grossman, was given the night off, which may or may not be an indication that the coaching staff has already made their decision as to who might be the starting quarterback come Week 1 against the Giants.

When Mike Shanahan was asked after the game about the current state about the quarterback competition, he didn't hedge in either direction.

Regardless who Shanahan's choice is, it looks like the competition will finally come to an end in the next week.