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NFL Cuts 2011: How The Redskins On The Bubble Fared In The Preseason Finale

The Redskins played their final preseason game on Thursday, which was everyone's final chance to impress the coaches before the team must be trimmed down to just 53 players for the regular season. There are a lot of players on the bubble, so let's look at a few and how they performed, to see if they locked up a spot on the opening day roster.

Brandon Banks - Wide Receiver is the position with the most depth on the roster, and Banks isn't particularly effective when playing on offense. But he reminded us just how good he is on special teams last night. There might be some on the roster who can fill in for him as a punt returner, but very few can do what he did last night.

Evan Royster - He got the majority of the second team carries in this one, which is both a good and bad thing. Roy Helu, who probably has a spot locked up, didn't have a single rush. And Royster fumbled also which does not bode well.

Donte Stallworth - Again, wide receiver is a very busy position, but Stallworth showed at the end of the game last night with that long touchdown catch that he can still be an effective deep threat. But as I said before, being in the game at all towards the end of the last preseason game is not a good sign.

Keiland Williams - He didn't get any carries last night. Not a good sign.

DeJon Gomes - The rookie safety had three tackles and a pass defended. For a team that is trying to get young, I thing they'll side with him over Chris Horton.

Chris Horton - One tackle. So there you go.

There are going to be a lot more guys who will be cut before it's all said and done, but these are some of the more interesting storylines you'll see.