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NFL Power Rankings, Week 3: Washington Redskins Move Up To No. 13 In SB Nation Rankings

The Washington Redskins' Week 2 start has caught the attention of the SB Nation NFL power rankings. After ranking No. 22 last week, the Redskins have moved all the way up to No. 13 in Joel Thorman's weekly list. Here's what Thorman had to say about the Redskins:

OK, Redskins. That's two in a row. If Tony Romo misses Week 3, they catch a huge break for Dallas week.

The nine-spot jump was the second-highest jump by any team in this week's power rankings. Only the Buffalo Bills, who leaped up from No. 21 to No. 11 after a thrilling win over the Oakland Raiders, made a bigger jump. Here are the 12 teams currently in front of the Redskins on the list:

  1. Green Bay Packers (2-0)
  2. New England Patriots (2-0)
  3. New York Jets (2-0)
  4. New Orleans Saints (1-1)
  5. Baltimore Ravens (1-1)
  6. Pittsburgh Steelers (1-1)
  7. Houston Texans (2-0)
  8. Atlanta Falcons (1-1)
  9. Philadelphia Eagles (1-1)
  10. Detroit Lions (2-0)
  11. Buffalo Bills (2-0)
  12. Chicago Bears (1-1)

As for NFC East teams, the Eagles ranked No. 9, the Dallas Cowboys are ranked No. 14 and the New York Giants are ranked No. 17.