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Redskins Vs. Cowboys: Tony Romo Still In Pretty Serious Pain

Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo suffered a fractured rib and a punctured lung against the San Fransisco 49ers on Sunday, and his status for Monday's game against the Redskins is still undecided. Romo hopes do be able to play, but based on this interview clip that we first saw at Hogs Haven, Romo is still in some pretty serious pain. The good part starts right around the 5:30 mark.

Jon Kitna didn't look very good when he replaced Tony Romo on Sunday so it would probably be good for the Redskins if Romo doesn't give it a go, or if he proves ineffective. Some of the Redskins have already said that they will have no problem targeting Romo's ribs. If he's having trouble breathing and has to sleep in a chair, I don't think a shot to the ribs from Brian Orakpo is going to feel very good.

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