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Fantasy Football Week 3: Sit Tony Romo Vs. Washington Redskins

So Tony Romo has a few cracked ribs and a punctured lung? So what? Does a football player really need ribs to play? I mean he's got at least two lungs anyway, right?

But seriously, will Tony Romo play for the Dallas Cowboys against the Washington Redskins on Monday Night Football? Probably. But should he start for your fantasy football team? Probably not.

Romo is the 28th ranked quarterback on numberFire for NFL Week 3, behind even rookies Blaine Gabbert and Andy Dalton. He's even behind Donovan McNabb, who we believe to be worse than a rookie. Even though Romo has every intention of playing, there is significant risk that one hit from Brian Orakpo or Ryan Kerrigan will knock him out of the game for the duration.

Quarterbacks playing against the Redskins have just as many interceptions as touchdowns, and no one has thrown for over 270 yards. The only thing working in Romo's favor is that the Redskins have limited their opponents to an average of just 84 yards rushing in the first two regular season games, so Romo is likely to have plenty of opportunities to throw.

Romo has to be in the game though to for his throws to earn him fantasy points. Starting a gimpy quarterback is just too risky in fantasy football terms. If you're smart enough to have a capable backup like Ryan Fitzpatrick or Cam Newton, go ahead and start him over Romo this week.