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Michael Vick Injury Not A Broken Hand, Called 'Hand Contusion' By Andy Reid

As it turns out, Michael Vick's injury may not be a broken hand after all. Just hours after a report indicated Vick broke his non-throwing hand in the Philadelphia Eagles' loss to the New York Giants on Sunday, coach Andy Reid said Vick's hand is not broken and is instead merely a hand contusion.

That leaves Vick's status for next week's game still a possibility. Via Rachel Nichols:

Reid says whether Michael Vick plays on Sunday depends on how the swelling in Vick's hand goes over the next few days

If Vick is a possibility to play next week, that would mean it's very likely he would actually play in Week 6, when the Eagles face the Washington Redskins. Before, it looked like Vick would miss the game. Unless the hand is indeed broken or another injury is sustained, it looks like Vick will indeed be in the lineup for that game.