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Our Favorite Twitter Responses To LaRon Landry's Big Hit

Having LaRon Landry back on the field is like Christmas in late September. It took no time at all for "Dirty 30" to get involved in Monday night's Cowboys and Redskins contest. Landry forced a fumble in the first quarter, and then delivered a monster hit on an overthrown Tony Romo pass to Laurent Robinson. The hit elicited some fantastic responses on the twitter machine. Some of our favorites below:

Redskins 106.7 the Fan DC beat reporter Grant Paulsen attempts some dream analysis:

Anybody else get the feeling that LaRon Landry has been waking up in the middle of the night thinking about that hit for the past 10 months?
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Rick Maese of the Washington Pos wonders if LaRon has some Ozzy in him:

Landry has been planning that hit since December... if someone handed him a robin right now, he'd prob bite the head off
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This is probably my favorite, due to the "HULK SMASH" nature of both Mr. Landry and this tweet:

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