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Redskins Vs. Cowboys Score Update: Redskins And Cowboys Tied 9-9, At Halftime

In a low scoring battle matching kickers Graham Gano and Dan Bailey, the Cowboys and Redskins are tied 9-9 at halftime.  A botched hold by Sav Rocca on a 36 yard field goal attempt by Gano squandered the Skins only other chance to score in the second quarter.

To start the second quarter, the Cowboys evened the score at 6 after Bad Rex reared his ugly head on an attempt to force the ball to Fred Davis, who was triple covered in the middle of the field.  Sean Lee picked off the pass and returned it to the 18 yard line.  But much like the Skins at the end of the first quarter, the Cowboys could not convert the red zone turnover, going three and out and settling for the tying field goal.  Grossman finished the half 11 for 19 with 127 yards.

The Skins defense has looked good, particularly on 3rd down where the Cowboys have gone 0 for 5 so far tonight. They have also held the Boys to only 119 total yards, but have hit an injured Tony Romo only once.

The Cowboys will receive the kickoff to start the second half.