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Redskins Vs. Cowboys: Rex Grossman Shows Good, Bad In Loss To Cowboys

Rex Grossman entered the game against the Cowboys in what has become pretty familiar territory. He was being doubted, just like he always is, by the National media and even Redskins fans. Sure, his team was 2-0, but people still weren't comfortable with him as the starter because of his history of inconsistency.

On Monday Night, we saw Rex Grossman for exactly what he is, the good and the bad. Unfortunately for the Redskins, there was more bad than good against the Cowboys. He looked very impressive orchestrating a 76-yard touchdown that culminated in the only touchdown of the game for either side.

But after that, Grossman looked every bit the quarterback that Chicago Bears fans hated during his time there. The final four possessions for the Redskins ended with three punts and the fumble that ended up deciding the game. Turns out he was trying to get the ball to Santana Moss on that play, according to the Associated Press.

"I was trying to make a play. I felt like I could get the ball to Santana (Moss). I obviously couldn't."

But I think the real problem here is with anyone who expects Grossman to be anything that he isn't. As soon as he broke the pocket last night and starting running to the left, you just knew that the play was going to be a disaster. He'll bring some good plays, but he is also going to cost you some games. That's just what the Redskins have under center this year.