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Week 4 Fantasy Football Waiver Wire: Is Fred Davis Still Available In Your League?

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There are so many injuries in football that often times the best players on your fantasy team will end up being guys you picked up off the waiver wire in the first few weeks of the season. So is there anyone on the Redskins the Redskins who might be available in your team and can make an impact on your lineup?

He's been hot for the first few weeks of the season, but Fred Davis might still be available in your league if your friends aren't very aggressive in their pursuit of available players. According to, Davis isn't expected to have a very good week against the Rams, but their defense has been pretty porous this year so who knows.

Or, if you want to get pretty crazy, you could take the Redskins defense. I'm sure they are available in most leagues, and they have been pretty tough this year. They could stand to force a few more turnovers and make some more sacks, but they are a pretty good squad according to Number Fire.